Crossfit Nollensville


CrossFit Nolensville was established in 2013 by Sean Ford, as the first ever CrossFit box in Nolensville.

“I take serious pride in the fact that CFN is bringing CrossFit to the Nolensville area, sharing with everyone a 3,400 sqft facility. At CFN, we stray away from the typical “Globo Gym” routines such as the Chest/Tri and Back/Bi days. If an exercise only targets one muscle group, then I don’t want it! I do some of my programing based on and tweak the exercises in my own special way to make the workouts my own, I also write out my own programing.

“My goal is to make each individual athlete the best athlete they can be – not to be the fittest person in the world, or even in the box, but to be the fittest person THEY can be! Everyone takes the path of CrossFit with some sort of goal in mind; no matter what that goal may be, my job is to help you reach it.  With my experience of 1-on-1 personal training, I know the benefits of having someone push you every step of the way, only in a typical class you will have not only me, but the encouragement of everyone in the class to push you through each workout.

“Not sure if CrossFit is for you? Well, you’ll never know until you give it a shot. That’s why I give everyone 1 free class. Call or email to set up your free class!”

– Sean Ford, owner/trainer